We stock a huge range of Ancillary products including Silicones, fillers, fixings, cleaners and Tools.

Silicones & Fillers

Our contractor's silicone is available in either white or clear. Perimeter sealing of window and door frames and roofline systems. Can be used with all types of glass, except self­ cleaning types.

SilirubLMN avaialble in Grey (7016), black, brown and cream.

Silirub2 available in white, clear, oak, toffee, rosewood

SilirubN available in White or clear.

Acrylic decorator's caulk. Ideal for sealing of window sills, skirting boards, architraves, plasterboard, brickwork, etc. Filling of small cracks in plaster

Bitumen based joint sealant for repairing roof, gutter and waste pipe leaks

Silicon based sealant for sealings between lead, treated wood, metal, PVC profiles and glass.

Glazing sealant between glass and all usual frame materials: timber, aluminium, steel, PVC. Specially developed for use on self-cleaning glass

Stelmax sealant and gap filler. The 1961 is usually used for larger gaps upto 10mm whilst the 1965 is more commonly used for smaller gaps upto 5mm.

Silicone based adhesive/sealant for bonding mirrors onto most surfaces.


Glue & Activator

Does exactly what it says on the tube! All interior and exterior bonding and sealing applications

Direct Frame anchors available in the following sizes: (100 per box)

7.5mm x 80mm

7.5mm x 100mm

7.5mm x 120mm

7.5mm x 150mm

7.5mm x 180mm

Plastic headed pins and Nails available in a range of colours.

Pins 30mm and 40mm. Nails 50mm and 65mm

Cladding pins.

Baypole Screws

Available in following sizes

4.8mm x 50mm

4.8mm x 60mm

4.8mm x 70mm

4.8mm x 80mm


PVCu Frame Cleaner

Foil Safe Frame Cleaner for use on all foiled based products.

Glass and Mirror cleaner

Gun and Foam cleaner

Swipex Hand wipes

2ply and 3ply paper.

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