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Composite Door Collection


Composite doors are increasingly popular and it's not surprising given the proven levels of high security coupled with the stunning aesthetics.

Some of the benefits
  • Excellent Insulation: Thermally efficient you can be assured your new composite door will keep the warmth in and the cold out, saving you money. Additionally the excellent insulation properties mean outside noise is also kept to a minimum.

  • Weatherproofing: The glass reinforced polyester (GRP) skin is designed to stop water ingress.

  • Exceptional durability: The GRP skin means your door will maintain its appearance against everyday knocks and scratches and unlike other doors they don't warp, split or twist.

  • Safe and Secure: Holding the highest accreditations for quality and security, you can rest assured your property is safe and secure.

  • High security Locking System: Fitted, as standard, with an insurance-approved high security multi-point locking system.

  • Low maintenance: Thanks to the water resistant coating there is no need to repaint or varnish your door to maintain it's appearance. just wipe down with a dust-free damp cloth.

  • Simply stunning: Designed with symmetry and balance in mind your new composite door will look stunning and add kerb-side appeal to your property.

The huge range of styles, colours, glass options, security fittings and "door furniture" can be a little daunting when you come to choose your composite door. To make the process a little easier we suggest you follow our "5 steps to your ideal door"

You can download the Composite Door Quotation form and complete as you go through the options. Just enable editing on your document and then email the completed form to we'll get back to you with a quotation.

Step 1
Choose Your Style.
You may wish to add side panels or a top light in which case carry on to Step 2. Iy you require a quotation for just the door then scroll down to Step 3 and choose a colour for your design.
Step 2
Do You Need Additional Panels?
Door Colour
Step 3
Choose Your Colour.

Standard Plus and Premium colours are available at an additional cost.

Colour illustrations should be used for guidance only.

If you can't see the exact colour you want, or if you're trying to match your door to a particular colour you may want to consider having your door colour bonded to any RAL number. this does incur an additional cost. Click on the button for more information on Colour Bonding.

Right you now have your style of door and colour sorted. If you have chosen one of the styles which doesn't require glazing then skip to step 5 otherwise take a look at the amazing choice of patterned glass and glazing options.

Glazing Options
Step 4
Glazing Options
Door Furniture
Step 5
"Door Furniture"
Just a collective term for all the options available to complete your door design.

Once you've decided upon your choice of style and colour, together with glazing options and additional panels it's time to consider those finishing touches to your door. As you would expect there is a fantastic choice across handles, locks, letter boxes, door knobs and knockers and you can even incorporate a spyhole viewer.

Quotation request

You now have all the information needed for your choice of new Composite Door. If you have downloaded the composite door quotation form (link below) we should have all the information we need in order to provide you with an initial quotation. If, however, you are emailing or calling us for a quotation then we will need you to provide measurements for door and any side panels.

When we produce the quotation for you it will cover all of the options you've requested and include images of your new door. You can make any changes prior to signing off the quote and we can start the process of ordering your door.

You can download the Composite Door Quotation form and complete as you go through the options. Just enable editing on your document and then email the completed form to and we'll get back to you with a quotation.

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