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Superdeep Commercial Gutter

For commercial buildings and large roof areas we supply a choice of two Superdeep commercial gutter systems.

 SuperDeep 170

SuperDeep 170

SuperDeep 170 is a tough, high capacity gutter for use on commercial buildings, hotels, flats and any structure that has a large roof area.

It’s high material content ensures it can easily contain the weight of water that could potentially flow into the gutter profile. Each fascia bracket is capable of supporting over 125kg and the union can support over half as much again.

The gutter angles are produced as individual internal and external versions thus allowing positive fixing of each unit to the fascia board.

High Capacity

At 170mm from rim to rim SuperDeep 170 is designed to move water rapidly into and down either a 100mm or 110mm downpipe.

Independently tested to show a market leading flow rate of 9.4 litres per second when set level and 10.5 litres per second when set at 1.350

  • · Tough, thick wall system

  • · 170mm high capacity commercial system

  • · White core reduces heat absorption

  • · Uses either 100mm or 110mm downpipe

  • · Internal and external versions of angles

  • · Fascia brackets to be fixed at maximum 600mm centres

  • · Kitemark KM508760 to BS EN 607:2004 and BS EN 1462:2004

SuperDeep 170 compared to normal Deepflow gutter

Stormflo 200

Stormflo 200

For large commercial and industrial applications. Stormflo 200 offers one of the largest capacity rainwater systems available in the UK today.

160mm downpipe ensures efficient rainwater drainage from even the largest of roof areas. Extra fixing points are provided to withstand heavy snow loading and wind updrafts likely on remote and exposed buildings.

200mm Gutter: available in either black or grey.

4m Lengths

        Running Outlet

Spigot fits 160mm downpipe

Outlet Adaptor

Use with Running outlet to     convert to 110mm downpipe

90° Gutter Angle

Gutter Support Bracket

Fix at a maximum of 800mm centres

External Stop End

135° Gutter Angle

Gutter joint Bracket

92.5° Bend

Pipes and Fittings

Downpipe 3m

Downpipe 4m - Grey only

112.5° Top Offset Bend

Pipe Connector


Pipe Bracket

112.5° Bottom Offset Bend

135° Bend

92.5° Branch

Access pipe

Reducer - 160 x 110mm

Grey only

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