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Choosing a Bi-Fold Door

Where are the doors Located? 

 If your property is exposed or  subject to high winds and inclement weather you may wish to order a set of doors with a lower U-value or even triple glazing. This means they will be more efficient at keeping the cold outside.

You may also find a standard threshold appropriate for increased weather tightness.

Should doors open inwards or outwards?

If you wish to maximise space inside your room then bi-folding doors that fold on the outside will usually be  preferable. If the outside space is  restricted then select doors which open inwards. Consideration should be given to internal furnishing and curtains.


Will the doors be used as a  main entrance?

If so, you may wish to consider a set of bi-folds with one door that opens independently of the other panes, like a normal hinged door thus avoiding the need to fold back the full set each time. This may be particularly appropriate for letting pets outside regularly.


Do the doors need to match your windows?

If you have PVCu windows on the same elevation of the property, you may wish to select a fully matching aluminium bi-fold door.

Alumina allows you to choose from a wide range of foiled finishes, or you can ask for a powder–coated finish in almost any colour.         

Consider the size of your aperture and configuration required.

Determine the configuration  dependent upon the width and number of panes required. As few panes as possible gives more glass and less visible frame, and the cost should be lower too.    


Do you need low threshold access? 

There are three types of thresholds available, none of which need involve any excavation work, as they’ve been cleverly designed to sit on existing flooring. You can also choose a  half-tray so that your interior floor can fully butt right up to the doors.

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