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Shiplap and open v cladding installation


A. Fix perimeter frame battens (recommended 25 x 38mm).

B. Fix battens around openings.

C. Fix intermediate vertical battens.

D. Starter trims (or bottom angle ventilation strips as appropriate).

E. Vertical perimeter trims (where 2-part trims are used fix only the inner part).

F. Top perimeter trims (engage inside vertical trims).

G. Packing to battens as required for any cut planks.

H. Plank profiles and joint covers or centre joint trims as appropriate.

I. Outer components of 2-part trims.

To claculate the number of lengths required divide the square meterage by
0.5 (100mm cladding)   0.75 (150mm cladding)

This will give an exact number of lengths and therefore does not allow for wastage.

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