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Glazing Options
Light Transmission

A range of glazing options is available to achieve the required light transmission and thermal insulation whilst a glass glazing option can also improve aesthetics as well as acoustic performance.

All Mardome rooflights are glazed with impact resistant Marlon FSX Longlife polycarbonate, which is 200 times stronger but less than half the weight of glass. Featuring dual sided UV protection, Marlon FSX       prevents up to 98% of damaging UV radiation from penetrating the sheet, protecting occupants beneath the rooflight whilst also ensuring long term weatherability. The outer skin is available in a choice of finishes, Clear, textured, Opal and Bronze.


Maximum light    transmission.

Maximum clarity of vision through the dome.

Combines privacy with high levels of light transmission.

Diffused daylight.

Impairs vision of views and objects through the dome.

Combines privacy with high levels of diffused light transmission.

Prevents solar glare and reduces solar heat gain.

Impairs vision of views and objects through the dome.

Prevents solar glare and reduces solar heat gain.

Provides a lower light transmission.

Thermal Insulation

In order to achieve the required degree of insulation Mardomes are available in single, double, triple and quadruple skin polycarbonate glazed units, each offering progressively better insulation. Part L of the Building Regulations 2013 specify a worst case average  U-value for the rooflight area of 2.2W/m2K and triple skin glazing ensures compliance in both new build and refurbishment applications.

Further options to improve thermal insulation are available. A structured polycarbonate inner option improves insulation very cost effectively whilst an argon filled glass double glazed inner unit not only provides outstanding thermal insulation but improved aesthetics and accoustic performance.

Opening & Ventilation
Opening & Ventilation

It is important to balance the thermal requirements of Part L with those relating to adequate air ventilation, covered by Part F of the Building Regulations to control internal room temperature and maintain a comfortable indoor environment and reducing the risk of mould growth from condensation build up.

Mardome Trade and Ultra offer a range of ventilation options to meet all requirements in domestic and commercial buildings from minimal air circulation through to purge ventilation.

All variants of Mardome Trade and Ultra can be specified with integral trickle ventilation with an option of either "hit and miss" which can be manually opened and closed or automatic humidity controlled which automatically open the vents when humidity beneath the rooflight increases to a given level.

  • Manual opening (with optional extension pole) Automatic (Humidity Controlled) - Superior Spec

  • Mains powered opening with optional remote control and rain sensor

  • Solar powered opening with optional rain sensor and thermostat control#

  • Access hatch - lockable from the inside, this gas strut assisted opening unit can be used to gain access to the roof 

  • # Not available with glass inner glazing option 

Opening Options: Trade and Ultra Models
  • Mains powered opening, switch operated

  • Mains powered opening with remote control

  • Mains powered opening, sensor controlled

  • Manual opening, operated with pole

Opening Options: Glass Models
Powered Opening
Solar Powered Opening
  • Trickle Vents (Manual) - Standard Spec

  • Automatic (Humidity Controlled) - Superior Spec

  • Purge ventilation - manual or powered opening domes

  • High extraction ventilation - powered and integrated into kerb*

   * Not available on all dome sizes and only available on          non-opening variants

Ventilation Options
Trickle Ventilation
High Extraction Ventilation
Security Bars

Optional steel security grille with white powder   coated finish and manufactured to suit the size of the dome can be supplied for fitting beneath the kerb foot for additional security.

Powered Pleated Blinds

A range of powered pleated blinds are available for Mardome Trade domes.

Manual Opening Pole

2m and 3m telescopic opening poles for use with manual opening domes.

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