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Full replacement fascia installation

full replacement.png

A. cut back rotted felt to a clean edge.

B. Fit suitable timber hangers (preservative treated) to support soffit boards. Screw hangers to rafter side ensuring level. Deep soffit must be nailed every 200mm max across their depth.

C. set up string lines to check both vertical and horizontal faces of rafter feet are straight & level.

D. Nail soffit to hangers. Inner edge of soffit abuts to wall or sits on bricks. Outside edge should overhang by 10mm to fit groove in fascia board.

E. Nail fascia to rafter feet.

F. Make soffit & fascia joints between rafters.

G. Fit a dpc material under existing felt to ensure new material dressed into gutter.

H. Fit gutter brackets directly to replacement fascia of 16mm thickness and above in accordance with manufacture's recommendations.

I. create box end.


Notes for over - capping

1. Check the expansion gaps and fixing centres.

2. All over-capped timber must be sound. and must be able to support the weight of tiles and guttering.

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