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Marbrex wall and ceiling panels

Marbrex panels can be installed in about half the time of tiling and can even be fitted over existing tiles. If the walls are clean, dry and flat there is very little preparation required. Marbrex can also be installed onto battens if required. They are an excellent alternative to traditional materials as they are virtually maintenance free with the added bonus of no grout to keep clean. The range includes wall panels 2600mm in length by 250mm and 375mm widths and also two colours (slate and granite)  are available in 500mm wide self-adhesive panels.

Ceiling panels are 4000mm in length with a choice of widths available.


Full installation instructions are available.

End Cap

To start or finish a run of boards,

External Corner (2 part)

To form an external corner fix the mounting strip to the wall using wall plugs and flat head screws. Finish corner by clipping the front face into place.


Install solid skirting using adhesive after boards have been fitted.

Multipurpose Trim

To start or finish a run of boards at a corner. remove the L section from the mounting strip using an appropriate knife.

Multipurpose Trim

If the run of boards is to return around the room to the same point do not modify the mounting strip. Ensure that the open side of the mounting strip faces to the left.

Cornice (2 part) used with ceiling boards

Fit wall boards flush with ceiling. Spot drill through the strip and wall board at regular intervals. Drill wall and fit wall plugs. Fix mounting strip using flat head screws. Fit ceiling boards and finish by clipping the front face of the cornice in place.

Cornice (Wall boards only)

With wall boards only. Remove the top section from the mounting strip using an appropriate knife. Fit the wall boards and proceed as above.

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