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Window Options

Glass Options

Solar Control

Beautiful glass buildings have become increasingly popular but with them come important questions for comfort of the  occupants.

Using Solar Control glazing can reduce the costs associates with Air conditioning and combined with a Low-e pane allows for a cooler building in summer months and a warmer one in the winter. Not only is this a highly cost efficient solution but is also reduces energy consumption.


The absolute revelation of ‘Self Cleaning Glass’ offers clear glass at low maintenance in those hard to reach places like conservatory roofs. We stock Pilkington Activ ™

Low e-coating

Using products with a Low e-coating   enables the sun’s natural heat (solar gain) to pass easily through the glass. A Low  e-coating reflects the heat gain back into the room making this a more energy efficient building. We offer a wide range of Low-e products offering varying levels of performance.

Obscure Glass Options

If you are looking for extra privacy but don’t want to lose light within your rooms then obscure glass could be the solution. We provide a range of  obscure glass options to give you the exact level of privacy required.

Hinge Options

Standard Hinge

Standard hinges are exclusively manufactured in Britain. Made from highly durable stainless steel they offer superb anti-corrosion qualities. They are also available with an optional austenitic finish for extra corrosion protection, where required.

Egress Hinge

The fire egress hinge option provides smooth and trouble free operation and offers an emergency escape route in the event of a fire. Liniar PVCu casement windows are available with the unique Trojan ‘Mega’ egress hinge.

Easy Clean Hinge

As the name suggests easy clean hinges provide access to both faces of the window so that cleaning is easy and hassle free. These hinges are particularly well-suited to properties where the outside of the window is hard to reach.

Handle Colours
Triple Glazing available

Enhanced Security. A third pane of glass provides an extra layer of defence against an attempt to break in.

Noise Reduction. A second unit cavity makes sound wave transfer more difficult, providing superior noise reduction.

Energy Retention. With the 36mm glazing bead the triple glazed units can achieve U-values as low as 1.0 W/(m2K)

A specifically designed “flatter” glazing bead allows our frames to accommodate a thicker triple glazed unit.

Unique multi-chambered profile design provides superior insulation when compared to other PVCu systems.

Additional options

Astragal / Georgian Bars

Astragal bars run through the mullion sections creates an aesthetic which faithfully replicates the look of real wood.

Georgian bars sit within the sealed glass unit to provide an elegant and refined look.

Trickle Vents

Seamlessly integrated into the frames of PVCu windows and can be opened or closed to control airflow into the property.

Screenline Integral Blinds

ScreenLine systems work on the principle of a blind sealed in a double glazed unit. Once sealed, the blinds will require no cleaning or dusting, as they are protected from dust and other     contaminants. Therefore the blinds will always  appear new, thus adding to the order and         elegance of your conservatory or double glazed windows. The blinds are available in a choice of colours and can be ordered in either a Venetian or a pleated variety

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