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Vertical Sliders

  • Sash Horns

       Optional decorative sash horns enhance the traditional look.

  • Spring Balance Mechanism

       Spiral balances counteract the weight of the sliding sash for smooth and effortless operation.

  • Concealed Gaskets

        Low-level PCE gaskets provide protection from the elements whilst   remaining out of view.

  • Keep Children Safe

        Restrictors can be fitted to stop the bottom sash sliding fully, keeping your children safe.

  • High Security

       PVCu vertical sliding sash windows are available with high security cam locks for your peace of mind.

  • Tilt Function

       Built in pivot bar enables sashes to tilt inwards for cleaning or extra  ventilation at the push of a button.

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Click here to download our Windows & Doors pdf detailing the full range of hinge, glass, obscure glass and handle options.

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