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Tilt & Turn

  • Secure Ventilation

       Convenient ‘tilt-only’ function provides additional ventilation without compromising security.

  • Integrated Hardware

       UNI-JET concealed gearing is better looking and more secure than outdated face-fix gearing.

  • European Aesthetic

       Clean straight lines and crisp, concise detailing combine with fully integrated hardware.

  • Corrosion Resistance

        ‘FerGUard*silver’ surface coating ensures long-term corrosion protection at no extra cost.

  • Quick to clean

       90° turn action allows easy exterior access, ideal for upstairs windows or high-rise accommodation.

  • Uninterrupted Seal

       A continuous rebate gasket prevents condensation whilst enhancing sound-proofing.

For more details on the options available for Hinges, Glass, Obscure Glass, Handle colours and accessories - Click Here

Click here to download our Windows & Doors pdf detailing the full range of hinge, glass, obscure glass and handle options.

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