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Standard Sizes

A range of standard sizes for Mardome trade and ultra models is shown in the table below.

Non-Standard Sizes

Bespoke dome rooflights and kerbs are available to match the exact size of any opening, however a price premium and a longer lead time may apply.


Mardome trade is the standard specification dome in the range and comes complete with a host of features and benefits as standard to satisfy a range of projects and budgets.

  • Sleek, contemporary aesthetics inside and out with aerodynamic low rise glazing unit

  • Constant separation of glazing skins across full width of dome including fixing flange avoids cold spots and minimises the risk of condensation.

  • Cabling and actuators hidden within the kerb on mains powered units

  • Side walls of the Mardome kerb are designed with a steep slope to allow for a larger glazing unit meaning more natural daylight

  • Standard triple skin polycarbonate glazing exceeds thermal requirements of Part L

  • Multiwall PVC kerb in standard and tall options

  • Extensive options to satisfy acoustics, ventilation and light transmission

  • Secure fixings and tamper proof caps

  • Available in a range of standard sizes from 450mm x 450mm up to 2400mm x 1800mm.

  • Choice of standard (150mm waterproofing height) or tall (300m waterproofing height) PVC multiwall kerb or direct fix kerb options.

  • Choice of double, triple and quad skins.

  • Standard low rise dome or optional low rise pyramid shaped  glazing units.

  • Extensive choice of ventilation and opening options.

  • Acoustic Pack available where a reduction in rain or external noise transmission is required (not available with ventilated or opening domes)

  • Accessories range including opening pole and security grille.

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